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DR Strings Electric Guitar Strings

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Even in a world with exotic metal alloys and coatings, making a great set of guitar strings doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the approach that DR takes with their products is as simple as can be: that quality has to come first, period. That's why DR strings for electric guitar are made by hand. The tried-and-tested process of hand-winding guitar strings is the best way to keep craftsmanship involved in the end result, which is one that guitarists have been loving ever since DR first entered the scene. For a set of strings that's made with as much pride and care as your guitar itself, look no further than DR. You may not yet have heard the difference DR strings can make in your own sound, but you can get a sense for what to expect by listening to Muse, Coheed & Cambria, U2 and even Sting. These are just a few of the names that put DR strings through their paces at sold-out shows all over the world, but they're more than enough to understand the level DR is playing at. You'll even find signature strings here, like the DR Strings Dimebag Darrell DBG-9/50 Signature Hi-Voltage or the Alexi Laiho Signature Guitar Strings - Medium Heavy. They're the perfect way to go if you're developing a playing style influenced by the pros. One of DR's claims to fame is the impressive tone the hand-winding process gives to heavy-gauge strings. They're second to none for jazz and blues, with options like the DR Strings Pure Beauties Pure Blues Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack. Or, if you're a fan of custom tuning, check out the Drop-Down Tuning Mega Heavy Guitar Strings. Want to make as big a statement visually as you make sonically? Don't miss the DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Multi-Color Coated Medium Electric Guitar Strings. These will react to a venue's black lights, giving your axe a wicked glow. There's just no substitute for hand-wound electric guitar strings, and the proof is right here. From start to finish, DR strings are all about performance, longevity and the versatility you need to pull off great gigs no matter the genre or style. However and wherever you play, DR electric guitar strings are ready to make your pickups sing - and your fingers will love 'em, too.