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The D'Addario ABS Bridge/End Pin Set Ivory is precision molded from high-quality ABS resin, providing an elegant finishing touch for your acoustic guitar that helps produce a full, resonant tone. The set includes seven bridgepins—one extra for convenience—and one endpin, all featuring an ivory color that complements a variety of natural and sunburst finishes.

High-Quality Materials for Optimal Sustain and Projection

The ABS resin used in these pins is specifically chosen by D'Addario for its ability to transfer vibrations efficiently. The dense, durable material helps the energy from your strings move into the guitar's top, back and sides, creating impressive sustain, volume and projection. The bridge pins are also shaped to make changing or re-stringing your guitar quick and frustration-free.

A Stylish Finishing Touch

While the tonal benefits of these pins are significant, their attractive ivory color also provides an esthetic finishing touch for your acoustic guitar. The pins blend in naturally with many of the wood types and finishes commonly used for acoustic guitars, including mahogany, rosewood and spruce. Their subtle, neutral shade helps them disappear into your guitar's design for an organic look.

Trusted Quality from D'Addario

D'Addario is the world's largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories, trusted by musicians worldwide for products that perform flawlessly, time after time. As with all their accessories, D'Addario ABS bridge and end pins are built to exacting standards, ensuring high quality, consistency and longevity. With regular use, these pins can last for many years without warping, cracking or losing their ability to enhance your guitar's natural resonance.

D'Addario ABS Bridge/End Pin Set Black and Ivory
D'Addario ABS Bridge/End Pin Set Black and Ivory
D'Addario ABS Bridge/End Pin Set Black and Ivory