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Bridge Pins

Musical instruments are some amazing feats of engineering, and like anything else that can be described that way, sometimes the most important things are in the details. Take bridge pins for example: they're small and they don't seem all that impressive, but despite their humble looks, the role these little pins play in your guitar's sound is absolutely crucial. To begin with, they're responsible for keeping your strings lined up horizontally. But even more important than that, the bridge pins carry a lot of the vibrations - and, by extension, the sound - from your acoustic guitar strings down into the instrument's body. With a job like that, it's easy to see why a new set of bridge pins can be a great idea. Any part of a guitar will wear down over time. That's just a fact of life, and it definitely goes for bridge pins too. When yours start to get worn-out or even broken, it's time to replace them. Most guitars come with plastic or synthetic bridge pins, and you can find direct replacements with options like the D'Andrea Bridge Pin Set, D'Addario Planet Waves ABS Bridge/End Pin Set or the Martin Bridge and End Pin Set, which comes in a few different color combos. For a vintage guitar, you might also like the Graph Tech Tusq Ivory Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins for a set to match its original look. If you want to customize your guitar with some wooden or metal bridge pins to make it really stand out, there are a few choices here to make that happen. The Taylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 is a good starting point, or for something even longer-lasting, try the best-selling D'Addario Planet Waves Boxwood Bridge/End Pin Set. Looking for bridge pins that will have a noticeable impact on your sound? Consider the D'Andrea Tone Pins Brass Bridge Pin Set. By adding weight to your bridge, these can actually give a boost to your guitar's clarity, sustain and brightness. Like any other part of your guitar, bridge pins are a personal preference and there's no obligation to make the same choice as any other guitarist. It's up to you: experiment to your heart's content and find out firsthand what a new set of bridge pins can do for your guitar's sound and durability. The only thing that's out of the question is doing nothing, because you've got to make sure your bridge pins are in good shape if you want to get the best performance out of your instrument.