Clark W Fobes

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Clark W Fobes 10K BLUE series Bass Clarinet mouthpieces are the culmination of over 30 years of the study of mouthpiece acoustics and experience in crafting superior hand finished mouthpieces.

All 10K Bass Clarinet mouthpieces incorporate the best elements of highly regarded vintage mouthpieces and Mr. Fobes’ personal adaptations using advanced computer milling technology and machined from solid German rubber rod stock.

The marbled blue material in not only beautiful and eye catching, but the nature of this material provides more brilliance and “sparkle” in the sound Each mouthpiece is extensively hand finished and play tested for maximum response, resonance and beauty of tone.

10K Blue Bass Clarinet mouthpieces are offered in all of the most popular Fobes facings.
Clark W Fobes San Francisco 10K Blue Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece JO