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Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

As one of the oldest instruments still in common use today, the clarinet has centuries of prestige behind it. In fact, the clarinet's origins go all the way back through the middle ages to early single-reed instruments in ancient Greece. Over all those years, there have been a lot of refinements made to the design, and one of those was the introduction of a lower-pitched version, the bass clarinet. Today, this sub-type is renowned for its deep, rich sound, and getting the most out of that depends on having a good foundation of quality bass clarinet mouthpieces. Together with your reed, these have the important job of creating the sound, which makes them some of the most important parts of your instrument. If you're a beginner, or if you'd like to replace your mouthpiece on a tight budget, your best bet is to start with some of the affordable best-sellers in this section. For instance, there's a great option for the bass clarinet in our smooth and resonant Standard Replacement Woodwind Mouthpieces. Or, you can take advantage of the expertise shown by the world's biggest musical brand with the Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece. It's designed to meet the needs of bass clarinetists in all walks of life, from a brand-new beginner to an experienced pro. Are you searching for something even more prestigious? You can find those here as well, with mouthpieces from some of the best-known and most sought-after makers. For example, Vandoren has a few models to choose from, including their basic Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece, B50 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece and even an option for contrabass clarinets: the CM370. Some other high-end suggestions would be the Leblanc B5 and the Jewel Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece. Looking for the best of the best? Then check out the top-tier Selmer Paris C85 Series and Focus Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces. With the range of mouthpieces here to choose from, it's easy to find the right fit for your budget, playing style and experience level. The role your mouthpiece plays in your bass clarinet's tone is something that can't be stated strongly enough. Working in tandem with your reed, it's where the instrument's entire sound begins. So choose your bass clarinet mouthpieces carefully - the good news is that's easy to do in this section.