Gemini thought of everything with the Party Caster karaoke system. This complete solution packs a powerful speaker, two wireless mics, vibrant LED lights, USB connectivity, Bluetooth and vocal effects into a portable size. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Just connect the Party Caster to your screen and play the music via USB, SD, AUX or Bluetooth. You can start/stop playback from the on-unit controls. Boost your voice with DSP effects. Dial in your volume with 7-band EQ. Even transpose the mic input into a different key. If you want to turn any room into a karaoke party, Guitar Center recommends the Party Caster as an easy all-in-one solution.

Gemini Party Caster Karaoke System Main Features

  • Class-D amp with 200W peak power, 8" bass woofer and 3" high-frequency tweeter
  • Comes with two wireless microphones, plus two additional XLR/Line inputs for wired mics
  • Voice-enhancing DSP, including effects and the ability to transpose vocal key
  • Packed with useful extras geared toward karaoke

Powerful Amplification and Stage-Ready Speakers

As a portable PA system for karaoke, the Party Caster needs enough “oomph” to fill a room with sound. Fortunately, Gemini has packed it with a Class-D amplifier with up to 200W of power, plenty to turn a home or small venue into a karaoke party. The amp powers an 8” bass woofer and 3” tweeter. This two-way setup combines to cover a wide frequency range, which you can explore with the equalizer built into the speaker. Depending on the genre, you might want more low-end rumble, or soaring highs. You can adjust both on the fly with large hardware dials on the control panel.

A Pair of Microphones for Instant Duets

The Party Caster includes a pair of wireless vocal mics that slide into the unit so you never misplace them. These mics connect via a stage-quality UHF connection, and each operates on its own channel, with independent volume and effects controls. The same goes for the two wired XLR/Line wired mic inputs, for a total of four possible vocal channels in addition to the music playback. Each singer can change their gain and adjust their own level in the mix, meaning loud and quiet singers can perform together seamlessly.

Digital Effects Add Shine to Your Performance

Karaoke is a chance for everybody to be a rock star—and with DSP, everybody can sound like one, too. Using the built-in display and controls, it’s simple to add classic effects like echo, delay, repeat and reverb. Dial in the right combination, and you can sound like anything from a booming arena rocker to a bright soul singer. And it’s not just effects. The Party Caster also has a secret weapon: transpose controls. By using the dedicated buttons, singers can adjust the pitch of the mic input. If you can’t reach the notes in a song, the transpose controls let you sing in an easier key while still creating stunning results. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Handy Features Make Karaoke Night a Breeze

Gemini included a lot of details that, when combined, make for an effortless karaoke night. There’s a dedicated USB slot for charging devices, especially useful for when you’re reading lyrics off a smart device. If you’re using multiplex karaoke recordings, Vocal Cancel can remove the voice tracks from the audio. Or, use Vocal Partner to dynamically bring the vocals back when you stop singing, to help you find your place again. On the front, LED lights can cycle through modes and colors, adding a visual party vibe to the space.

And, of course, what would karaoke be without the memories? The Gemini Party Caster has a dedicated “record” button that goes directly to a USB slot. Connect a device you want to record to, and you’ll have live tracks of you belting out your best.

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