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Light Up the Stage
The Lumiere Barrel offers a sweet, balanced tone with increased focus and projection that illuminates every corner of the concert hall. Elegant curves and flowing design perfectly complement its sweet, refined character. Artists appreciate the incredible richness and resonance of the Lumiere Barrel for chamber, solo, and orchestral playing.

Most instruments use Standard fit. Standard Plus is the same fit with a larger bore that's more free blowing. Many (but not all) Selmer Paris instruments use Selmer Paris fit.

Most clarinets use a 66 or 65 mm barrel, but this varies by manufacturer. If you're happy with the tuning you'll want to order the same size as listed on your current barrel.

Grenadilla is brown or black and offers a more focused sound with increased ping and projection.
Backun Lumiere Grenadilla Barrel - Standard Fit 66 mm

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  • Grenadilla wood
  • Compatible with Bb and A clarinets

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