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Clarinet Barrels

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When it comes to your clarinet's tone, intonation and response, the barrel is one of its most important components. Sure, it's one of the smallest parts of the clarinet in size, but ask any experienced clarinetist and they'll tell you that an upgrade to your clarinet barrel will do wonders for your performance. Thanks to companies like Buffet Crampon, Chedeville and countless others, finding a high-quality clarinet barrel at an affordable price is easier than ever, and this catalog has more than enough choices to prove it. The right clarinet barrel for you will boil down to your own needs as a player - as well as your budget. Typically, a 66mm is for Bb clarinets, while A clarinets usually use a 66mm barrel, but it all comes down to personal preference. For a sound that's full and bold, go with a wood barrel over a plastic one, and the Morrie Backun Ringless Grenadilla Clarinet barrel is an ideal choice for students. Crafted from selected pieces of grenadilla, these ringless barrels have a traditional taper and are available in a variety of sizes. Another popular clarinet barrel comes courtesy of Chadash (distributed by Buffet Crampon). Made from hand selected unstained Dalbergia wood, the Buffet Crampon Chadash Clarinet Barrels are crafted through a unique two-stage reaming process and contain a poly-cylindrical bore to eliminate sharpness and improve focus. Ranging in sizes for A, Bb, and Eb clarinets, these barrels will certainly take your clarinet tone to a professional level. By now you've probably realized that you're definitely on the right path to finding a new clarinet barrel. Whether you're trying to make your sound brighter or darker, or simply trying to correct your instrument's pitch, the right barrel for you can be found by simply taking a closer look at each of your options. In other words, the next move is yours.