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Avid Audio Interfaces

Music has been around as long as civilization itself, but the way we make it has changed more in the past three decades than in all the years before that. Those changes started in the 1980s with the MIDI standard and a new breed of hardware that brought musical production into the digital age, and we're still going through the evolution today as software gets more and more advanced. Avid is one of the companies leading the charge, and their Pro Tools digital audio workstation is the industry standard for modern software. Of course, in order to take advantage of it you have to be able to connect to it, and that's exactly what the Avid audio interfaces in this section allow you to do. The first step to choosing the right interface is figuring out which one will meet your needs. Thankfully, that's a pretty easy task, because Avid's offerings cover the bases for all kinds of musicians. For instance, if you're a guitarist, check out the Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Multi Effects Processor and Pro Tools. It's a complete recording system in a box, with a ton of virtual amplification and effects options to suit every playing style or musical genre. It's like having the world's greatest amps and pedals right on your screen, so you've got all the power you need to experiment and craft your own personal sound. For the much more diverse needs of engineers, producers, sound designers and audio post-professionals, turn to the Avid Pro Tools Quartet. This ultra-versatile interface is designed by Apogee and packs a ton of capability into its portable frame. Still not compact enough for you? No sweat - in that case, the Avid Pro Tools Duet interface is probably the way to go. It's designed for singer/songwriters and loop-based musicians, and together with your laptop, it makes for a backpack-sized creative studio that goes wherever you need it. So go ahead and indulge - by partnering with Apogee and Eleven, Avid has come up with some truly sweet audio interface packages. These options give you the hardware and software together, so you're ready to go within minutes of opening the box. In fact, it's safe to say that the only thing more satisfying than these Avid audio interfaces is the sound of the music you'll use them to produce.
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