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Apogee Audio Interfaces

Digital tools are so common in today's music industry that it's easy to forget there was even a time before them. The electronic revolution took off in a big way in the 1980s, so it's no surprise that was the decade when the most sought-after brands first appeared - like Apogee, for example. Even today, about 30 years after their introduction, Apogee audio interfaces still have a reputation for raising the bar. That goes not only for performance, but also for variety, since they have one of the widest selections of interfaces large and small. So no matter what sort of recording or reinforcement challenge you're looking to solve, there's an Apogee audio interface ready to tackle it. At the most basic level, an interface has a straightforward job: to translate signals between analog and digital so that instruments, microphones and other analog gear can take advantage of all the power of a modern pro audio setup. But there's a lot of diversity involved in that. For instance, your digital "gear" can be an app on your iOS device - in that case, you'll want a compact interface like the Apogee Duet for Mac and iOS, or the Apogee ONE Lightning. On the other hand, if you're gearing up a big professional recording studio, that calls for a bigger unit such as the Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16 Audio Interface. Some of the gear Apogee has to offer is highly specialized. Case in point: the Apogee JAM Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Designed especially for guitar, it gives you the power to easily record demo tracks, and you can even use it together with your favorite apps to turn your mobile device into a digital effects unit. There are also options like the Apogee X-HD Expansion Card for Pro Tools HS and AD/DA-16X, which specializes in a different way. It's an upgrade to compatible interfaces that lets you combine the power of Pro Tools software with Apogee's impressive conversion and clocking hardware. There's a lot to like about Apogee audio interfaces whether you're a casual guitar player looking to record yourself digitally, or a full-on professional recording engineer searching for the next upgrade to take your studio to the next level. All you have to do is look through this section to find the right model, and you'll be on your way to what just may be the best interface of your career.
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