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The Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne provides unparalleled comfort and support for drummers. The Spinal G throne features Ahead's patented center channel, which relieves pressure on the tailbone and allows for natural spine and shoulder movement—reducing the risk of back and shoulder strain during extended practice or performance. The dual-locking swivel height adjuster ensures a customized fit for drummers of all heights, while the throne's 3-legged, double-braced base provides a stable platform that won't shift during intense playing.

Center Channel Provides Tailbone Relief and Mobility

The Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne's defining feature is its center channel. By removing material from the center of the seat, the channel relieves pressure from the tailbone—allowing for greater flexibility and range of motion. This ergonomic design, based on medical testing, reduces discomfort from long practice or performance sessions and allows drummers to play freely without distraction or pain.

Dual-Locking Swivel Height Adjuster

The Spinal G Drum Throne features a dual-locking swivel height adjuster that provides customized height adjustment from 18" to 24". The dual-locking mechanism ensures the seat remains firmly in place at the desired height, while also allowing for 360 degrees of swivel. This combination of features allows drummers to dial in their perfect seat height and angle, then lock the throne in place for stability and support.

3-Legged, Double-Braced Base

The Spinal G Drum Throne sits atop a 3-legged, double-braced base constructed of heavy-duty steel. The wide, triangular base provides a stable platform that resists shifting or wobbling, even during the most dynamic playing. Thick rubber feet further enhance stability while also protecting floors. For drummers seeking a throne that won't move during intense practice or performance, the Spinal G's robust base delivers.

Premium Black Cloth Top and Sides

The Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne features a premium black cloth top and sides for a sleek, professional appearance. The breathable cloth top provides ample padding and comfort for long sessions behind the kit. For drummers wanting an affordable, ergonomic throne with a stylish black finish, the Spinal G delivers.

Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne Red Cloth Top/Black Sides 18 in.

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  • Black velour seat top
  • Black sparkle wrap
  • Thick memory foam cushions
  • Split-seat, spring-balanced throne
  • Double-locking, threaded height adjustment
  • Sturdy seat connector plate
  • Heavy-duty tripod base