The Acoustic PBIS08 Power Bank is the ideal power solution for your pedal board, providing enough juice for 8 or more pedals while eliminating unreliable battery power. The PBIS08 includes 3 individually isolated 9V/200mA outlets, an isolated 200mA outlet that can be switched between 9V,12V,15V or 18V and an isolated bank of 4 outlets with 400mA of total current.  Plus, its short circuit protection means reliable power to all pedals regardless of any possible short circuits to any individual pedal. An advanced mains/AC isolation circuit provides complete isolation from ground noise generated by lights, dimmers, AC equipment and other interference sources and its power is switchable between 120V and 220V for international use. The Acoustic PBIS08 Power Bank is built with a durable, steel/metal enclosure that protects against the rigors of real-world touring, and comes complete with 8 power cables and a polarity-reversing cable for maximum versatility. Finally, the PBISO8 easily integrates into the Acoustic SHLF1 pedalboard for a total pedalboard solution.

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