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The 920d Custom HSS loaded pickguard for Stratocaster guitars has everything you need to give your guitar a massive upgrade. Everything—including the pickups—is pre-wired and ready to go. Your guitar will sound better than it ever has.

Roughneck Humbucker
Need a humbucker that will blow the front end out of your tube amp? Want to make your axe so awesome that it will need a warning label? Want something that'll fuse instrument cables to the stage? Then 920d Custom’s Roughneck humbuckers are for you. They're the highest output pickups that 920d Custom offers.

Texas Growler Single-Coil Pickups
If you like pre-amp blasting, eardrum crushing atomic bombs for pickups, you're in the right place. 920d Custom’s spiciest single coil Strat pickups, Texas Growlers deliver the utter power needed for everything from punk to rock to blues and more.

You'll find a powerful, clean, full sound, with noticeably less 60-cycle hum than other high-power pickups, due to their stacked coil construction. 920D Custom Texas Growler Strat pickups are another step up in output from their Texas Grit Strat pickups.
920d Custom HSS Loaded Pickguard For Strat With An Uncovered Roughneck Humbucker, Aged White Texas Growler Pickups and Black Knobs Mint Green

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  • 1 – 920D Custom Roughneck Humbucker
  • 2 – Texas Growler Single Coil Pickups
  • Cut in-house custom pickguard
  • 3 – Matching skirted knobs
  • Matching switch tip

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