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The 920d Custom HSH Loaded Pickguard for Stratocaster guitars has everything you need to give your guitar a massive upgrade. Everything—including the pickups—is pre-wired and ready to go. Your guitar will sound better than it ever has.

Smoothie Humbuckers
If you're looking for a vintage style, low output, classic humbucker, the Smoothie is for you. They're fat, buttery, and smooth, while retaining that sweet, crystal-clear treble response you know and love. Smoothie humbuckers are great for background chunking or front-line solos. The Smoothies are a classic design and are made the way they used to be.

Texas Vintage Single-Coil Pickup
Featuring Alnico V Magnets, overwound coils, fiber bobbins, and cloth-covered leads, 920d Custom’s Texas Vintage Strat pickups offer increased output, sparkling highs, tight bass, and smooth warm tone, while retaining your favorite vintage pickup characteristics. They are sure to satisfy the souls of those who require vintage tone but want a little more tonal muscle and bite.
920d Custom HSH Loaded Pickguard for Stratocaster With Uncovered Smoothie Humbuckers, White Texas Vintage Pickups and S5W-HSH Wiring Harness White Pearl

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  • 2 - 920d Custom Smoothie Humbuckers
  • 1 - 920d Custom Texas Vintage Pickup
  • Cut in-house custom pickguard
  • 3 - matching skirted knobs
  • Matching switch tip

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