The Plastic Bb Cornet from pCornet is a great instrument for beginners and more advanced players alike. A real alternative to a brass instrument, the pCornet provides the best-ever performance and quality for all-plastic cornets. Built in the key of Bb, this instrument creates a full tone like its brass-playing equivalent. Great for musicians at any level, the pCornet is half the weight of a standard brass cornet, making it is easy to play and hold and promoting good form to allow for enjoyable practice, lesson or performance. The ergonomic grip is ideal for hands of any size and, with the shorter distance from mouthpiece to the valves, is easier for younger students and smaller players to hold. Designed by award-winning musicians, the fully sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly pCornet is virtually indestructible. From beginners to adult players, it creates an authentic robust sound approved by music teachers. Made to be carbon neutral and safer than any brass cornet, the pCornet is the ideal instrument that promotes equitable access to a music education. The pCornet has a unique antimicrobial design and works straight out of the box, with two acrylic mouthpieces and a fabric carrying bag.

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