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Zildjian's Travis Barker Signature Drum Sticks were developed in collaboration with the legendary Blink-182 drummer himself. These hickory sticks are crafted to Barker's exacting standards for optimum power, speed and articulation. With a time-tested 16-3/8" length and .595" diameter, the Travis Barker model provides familiar feel and response for most rock drummers. The sharp wood tips generate crisp cymbal definition and articulate drum sounds.

Dense Hickory Construction for Heavy-Hitting Durability

Zildjian uses only the highest-quality hickory to produce their drumsticks and the Travis Barker Signature model is no exception. The dense wood absorbs the impact of aggressive playing styles while maintaining rigid strength. Hickory's natural stiffness also transmits enhanced stick vibration for superb cymbal shimmer and drum resonance. These sticks can withstand the punishment of extended jam sessions and tour performances thanks to Zildjian's commitment to premium materials and precision craftsmanship.

Balanced Weight and Taper for Total Control

With a medium taper and strategically distributed mass, the Travis Barker Signature Drum Sticks provide an ideal sense of balance and leverage. The gradual taper leads to an acutely shaped wood tip for articulate cymbal work and drum rolls. The stick's weight feels evenly dispersed for fluid movement and rebound. This combination of design elements gives players more control and finesse behind the kit during dynamic or intricate playing.

Classic White Finish for Stylish Look

The Travis Barker Signature Drum Sticks feature Zildjian's iconic white finish for a sleek appearance that complements any drum setup. The bright white lacquer finish protects the hickory beneath while giving the sticks a clean, uniform look that is visually striking on stage or in photos and videos. This subtle stylistic detail is the perfect final touch on a high-performance drumstick built for today's most demanding rock drummers.

Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drum Sticks

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