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Zildjian, the world's leading cymbal and drumstick maker, now offers the Zildjian Cymbal Mallets. These innovative mallets are specially designed to produce a variety of sounds from cymbals. Featuring wound yarn heads mounted on hickory drumsticks, the Zildjian Cymbal Mallets are ideal for drum set players, percussionists and marching band members looking to expand their sonic palettes. The wound yarn heads provide control and response comparable to marimba mallets, allowing musicians to achieve colorful cymbal swells, dramatic crashes and other effects.

Wound Yarn Heads for Versatility

The Zildjian Cymbal Mallets feature wound yarn heads that provide a variety of sounds from cymbals. The yarn material and density produce full, resonating cymbal washes when struck lightly. Stronger strikes evoke bold, metallic crashes. Drummers and percussionists can utilize the mallets to embellish rolls, accentuate rhythmic figures and punctuate phrases. The wound yarn heads also enable cymbal swells, allowing musicians to manipulate cymbal sounds with subtle variations in pressure and stroke.

Hickory Drumsticks for Control

The Zildjian Cymbal Mallets feature 7A hickory drumsticks that provide the control of a standard drumstick. The 5/16" diameter sticks are comfortable and familiar to most drummers, allowing for precise and articulate playing. The hickory material delivers a rigid yet lightweight feel, enabling rapid rolls, accents and other advanced techniques on cymbals. Removable plastic handles give the mallets an overall length of 14-3⁄4", suitable for a wide range of musical applications.

Versatile and Portable

The Zildjian Cymbal Mallets are highly versatile tools for any drummer's toolkit. They produce a variety of sounds on cymbals, from shimmering swells to aggressive crashes. The hickory sticks and wound yarn heads also provide a feel familiar to most drummers and percussionists. At 14-3⁄4" in length, the mallets are ideal for playing cymbals on drum sets, in marching bands and in other ensembles. Their portable size allows for convenient transport and storage in any drum or mallet bag.

Zildjian Cymbal Mallets Black

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  • 5/16" diameter
  • 14-3/4" long
  • Diamond-shaped yarn head
  • Birch shaft
  • Removable plastic handle