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Zildjian Crash Cymbals

Zildjian K Sweet Crash
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It is hard to believe that Zildjian has been making cymbals for nearly four hundred years, but it's the truth! With so much experience it should go without saying that Zildjian know a thing or two about what it takes to make a cymbal sound incredible. Among the more popular cymbals that Zildjian produces is their line of crash cymbals. An essential element to nearly any drum kit, a crash cymbal is going to complete your sound perfectly, both in the studio, as well as in the live environment. Crash cymbals are so synonymous with the Zildjian catalogue that they even owe their name to the company. And as that name would suggest, a crash cymbal produces a loud, sharp sound when struck. It's safe to say these cymbals are among the most well-known today in popular music, with drummers from all walks of life and playing styles making use of them. Because they are so popular, Zildjian produces a wide variety of crash cymbal options. This is great news for you, because you'll have more than enough cymbals to choose from in this section. As with most instruments, you may want to start by checking out some of our best sellers. The A Custom Crash Cymbal, for example, offers a natural and bright sound with unbeatable overtones. It is made using radical rotary hammering techniques for incredible durability while you rock out at extended jam sessions. Another great option, especially for first time buyers, is the ZBT Crash Cymbal. This explosive crash is definitely an all-purpose kind of cymbal. With a consistency usually reserved for far more expensive cymbals, this Zildjian crash will get your drumming career started the right way. And these are only two of the crash cymbals that Zildjian has available to you. Whether you're a student looking to piece together their very first kit, or a road tested professional who is putting the finishing touches on their dream set up, Zildjian has a crash cymbal that will have you sounding better than ever before.