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Zildjian's Chroma Series Value Pack offers four pairs of drumsticks in gold, silver, pink and blue. The Chroma Series line is crafted for drummers seeking to dazzle audiences with an eye-catching performance. Zildjian redesigned their popular 5A profile and hand-selected hickory for each pair to ensure balanced weight and response. Rather than standard lacquered finishes that can chip and splinter, Zildjian's Chroma Series sticks feature a painted-on, chip-resistant finish that won't shred or catch on anything, allowing drummers to perform uninhibited. The wood tips are specially designed not to mark drumheads or cymbals. For drummers wanting to leave a lasting impression through sound and style, the Chroma Series Value Pack has everything needed to shine in the spotlight.

Showstopping Colors Customize Your Look

The Chroma Series Value Pack includes gold, silver, pink and blue drumsticks, each with a pearlescent, painted-on finish that dazzles under stage lighting. The lustrous colors create a custom look tailored to your personal style and the overall esthetic of your kit. Switch between colors for each song to keep audiences mesmerized during your set.

Redesigned 5A Profile Balances Response and Control

Zildjian's renowned 5A drumstick profile receives an update in the Chroma Series line. Crafted from select hickory, each pair is weight-matched for consistency and balance. The redesigned taper and tip provide enhanced response and rebound on drumheads and cymbals while maintaining the level of control drummers expect from Zildjian.

Painted Finish and Wood Tips Protect Equipment

The Chroma Series' painted-on finish prevents splintering and shredding found in standard lacquered sticks, allowing drummers to perform vigorously without impediment. Specially designed wood tips won't mark or dent drumheads and cymbals, preserving the condition of equipment during intense playing.

Four Pairs for Endless Combinations

With four pairs of drumsticks in complementary colors, drummers have endless options to customize their setup. Use one color for the entire kit or mix and match to create a unique look for each drum and cymbal. The Chroma Series Value Pack provides drummers the freedom to experiment with different color combinations to match their personal style.

Zildjian Chroma Series Drum Sticks Value Pack 5A Wood

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  • Includes Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue
  • Pearlescent paint
  • Feature Zildjian's redesigned 5A profile