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Yamaha's SS-740A single-braced snare stand is designed for drummers seeking a lightweight yet durable stand to position their snare drum at the perfect height. The SS-740A snare stand features a tripod base and adjustable height to accommodate snare drums of various sizes. Its single-braced design provides stability without excess weight, ideal for drummers frequently transporting their kit to gigs or operating in confined home studios.

Height Adjustable for Ergonomic Positioning

The SS-740A snare stand offers drummers the flexibility to place their snare drum at a height that matches their playing style and physical build. Its threaded height rod can extend up to 24" high to position even larger snare drums at an optimal level. For drummers seeking a lower snare height or playing in compact spaces, the height rod also retracts to a minimum of 17".

Single-Braced Yet Roadworthy

While lightweight, the SS-740A snare stand is roadworthy thanks to its single-braced tripod base. Its steel height rod and bracing arm provide durability and stability to securely hold snare drums during performances and practice sessions. The tripod base's rubber feet prevent slippage on hard floors and stages. When transporting, the SS-740A snare stand folds up compactly to fit in most drum hardware bags and cases.

Universal Fit for Most Snare Drums

With its standard 3/8" L-arm and basket, the SS-740A snare stand accommodates most snare drums between 10" to 14" in diameter. The basket's padded clamp system grips the snare drum rim firmly without marring the finish. For larger 15" snare drums, the SS-740A's L-arm can be upgraded to a 1/2" model, available separately.

High Quality at an Affordable Price

Like all Yamaha drum hardware, the SS-740A snare stand is manufactured to exacting standards for reliable performance and a long lifespan. Yet it is affordably priced for drummers on a budget. For drummers seeking professional-grade gear to anchor their snare drum during live shows and practice, the Yamaha SS-740A snare stand delivers premium quality without a premium price tag.

Yamaha Single-Braced SS-740A Snare Stand

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  • Single-braced snare drum stand
  • Medium weight is great for travel
  • Height adjustable
  • Features tilt adjustment