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The Yamaha SVC-50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit combines the rich tone of an acoustic cello with modern innovations for practicing and performing. Yamaha designed the SVC-50SK with built-in electronics including piezo pickups, onboard reverb and a headphone jack for private practice. The compact body, geared tuning pegs and flexible chest support provide comfortable playability. Whether you're a beginner cellist or seasoned professional, the SVC-50SK Silent Compact Cello allows you to practice in private or plug in and perform on stage.

Practice Privately with Headphone Jack

The SVC-50SK's headphone jack lets you practice day or night without disturbing others. Connect your headphones to the cello and hear your playing amplified with reverb through the headphones. Yamaha's electronics provide a natural acoustic tone for private practice. Once you're ready to perform, connect the SVC-50SK to an amplifier or PA system using the 1/4" output jack.

Comfortable Playability and Portability

Yamaha designed the SVC-50SK for comfortable playability and portability. The compact body size makes the cello easy to transport and handle. Geared tuning pegs provide quick and precise tuning, while the flexible chest support adjusts to each player for a natural feel. Removable lower-bout leg supports provide stability and playing comfort. A protective gig bag is included for transporting the SVC-50SK.

Quality Components for Superior Tone

The SVC-50SK produces a rich, resonant tone thanks to components like the solid alder body, ebony fingerboard and piezo pickups. Yamaha's studio-grade preamp provides reverb and tone shaping for an inspiring playing experience. Whether practicing privately with headphones or performing live, the SVC-50SK Silent Compact Cello delivers a superior acoustic cello tone with the versatility of an electric instrument.

Yamaha SVC-50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit