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This innovative cello offers musicians the opportunity to play with authentic acoustic tone in any location. At its heart is a redesigned resonating chamber that produces rich, realistic string tones and natural resonance. Onboard reverb effects simulate the acoustics of different performance spaces. The SVC-110SK also features an auxiliary input for playing along with recordings, a headphone jack for silent practice and an output jack for live performance or recording.

Resonating Chamber Delivers Authentic Acoustic Sound

The SVC-110SK's resonating chamber is designed to create the most natural acoustic tone possible from an electric cello. Three onboard reverb presets—practice room, recital hall and cathedral—allow you to tailor the cello's sound to different environments. Whether practicing, recording or performing, the SVC-110SK delivers an inspiring acoustic experience.

Onboard Electronics Provide Total Tonal Control

A studio-grade preamp gives you complete command over your tone. Adjust the cello's volume and EQ to suit different musical styles or performance spaces. An auxiliary input lets you play along with recordings through the cello's speaker or headphones. A headphone jack enables silent practice anytime, anywhere. The output jack allows direct connection to a mixer, amplifier or recording interface. Shape your tone, jam with your favorite artists or record your music—the possibilities are endless.

Premium Construction and Convenient Gig Bag

The SVC-110SK is crafted from select spruce and maple, chosen for their musical properties and durability. Standard tuning pegs make it easy to keep the cello in tune. A padded gig bag protects the cello during transport and storage. Lightweight yet protective, the bag has padded straps for comfortable carrying and exterior pockets for accessories.

Inspiring Playability and Accessibility

Whether you're a seasoned cellist or just getting started, the SVC-110SK is an inspiring instrument to play. Its familiar size and setup provide an authentic playing experience for cellists at any level. An affordable, high-quality electric cello, the SVC-110SK makes experiencing rich cello tones more accessible than ever.

Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric Cello Brown
Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric Cello Brown

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  • Realistic, acoustic sound
  • 1 x Aux in
  • 1 x Headphones out
  • 1 x Master out
  • Built-in-reverb with 3 presets
  • Full bodied frame for traditional feel
  • 4 Wittner tuning adjusters plus fine tuning control on tailpiece
  • Piezo electric pickup
  • Aux in volume control
  • Battery powered (AA)