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The Yamaha PSR-EW320 76-key portable keyboard with power adapter lets you take your music anywhere. With 76 touch-sensitive keys, you'll have a versatile keyboard that can handle any genre. Hundreds of authentic-sounding instrument voices and rhythms provide limitless creative possibilities right at your fingertips. Whether you're just learning or an experienced player, this user-friendly keyboard will inspire your musical creativity.

Touch-Sensitive Keys Respond Dynamically to Your Playing

The PSREW320's 76 full-size keys are touch-sensitive, meaning they respond dynamically to how hard or soft you strike them. Play with a light touch and you'll get a soft, subtle sound. Dig into the keys and you'll produce a louder, more robust tone. This intuitive responsiveness allows for nuanced phrasing and expressiveness, letting your fingers translate the music in your imagination into reality.

Hundreds of High-Quality Voices and Rhythms

With hundreds of instrument voices and accompaniment styles, the creative possibilities are endless. Choose from acoustic and electronic pianos, organs, strings, brass, woodwinds and more. Layer two voices together for a full, lush sound. The accompaniment styles provide real-time backing rhythms in genres from pop and rock to jazz, Latin and world music. Play along or use them as a starting point for your own compositions.

Learn and Play With Onboard Features

The PSREW320 makes learning and improving fun and rewarding. Follow the Keys to Success lessons to learn popular songs step-by-step at your own pace. The Touch Tutor shows you how to get different volume levels based on how hard you press the keys. With Smart Chord, you can play complex chords with just one finger. Duo mode splits the keyboard in half for practicing with a teacher or friend.

Connectivity for Playing and Recording

To connect the PSREW320 to your computer or audio equipment, use the standard MIDI and line level connections. The MIDI jacks allow connection to other keyboards and modules. The line level outputs can connect directly to PA systems, amplifiers or recording equipment. An AUX line input lets you play along with audio from smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Yamaha PSREW320 76-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter
Yamaha PSREW320 76-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter
Yamaha PSREW320 76-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter

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  • 76 full-size touch-sensitive keys
  • Smart Chord allows one-finger chords from pop to jazz
  • Super Articulation Lite Voices reproduce instrument nuances
  • Hundreds of built-in songs to play along and learn

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