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The Yamaha PSR-E383 portable keyboard delivers an inspiring playing experience for beginners and hobbyists. With 61 touch-sensitive keys, you'll develop dynamic technique and expressiveness. Hundreds of realistic instrument sounds let you explore a range of musical genres. Learning tools provide interactive guidance. And accompaniment styles allow you to sound like you're playing with a full band. Take your creativity wherever inspiration strikes—the PSRE383 runs on batteries or AC power.

Touch-Sensitive Keys Enable Expressive Playing

The PSRE383's 61 touch-sensitive keys detect how firmly you press them, allowing volume changes based on your touch. Play softly for quiet passages or strike the keys boldly during climactic moments. As you gain experience, touch sensitivity helps you shape phrasing and articulate melodic lines. The lightweight, portable design means you can improve your playing skills anytime, anywhere.

Authentic Instrument Sounds Inspire Your Creativity

With hundreds of lifelike instrument sounds, the PSRE383 lets you explore music in many styles. Emulate a grand piano, electric piano, harpsichord or pipe organ. Add strings, brass, woodwinds or percussion. There are even guitar, bass and synth sounds for contemporary styles. The Super Articulation Lite voices reproduce details like the squeak of guitar strings or the bend in a saxophone note, making every sound expressive and authentic.

Interactive Learning Tools Provide Guidance

The PSRE383 includes features tailored for developing musicians. Follow the Keys to Success display to learn songs at your own pace, one hand at a time. Touch Tutor provides visual feedback so you can refine your touch sensitivity. Smart Chord lets you play complex chords with a single finger. Duo mode splits the keyboard for practicing with a teacher or partner. With the PSRE383's interactive tools, you'll build skills and confidence while having fun.

Accompaniment Styles Add Rhythm and Harmony

The PSRE383 provides a virtual backing band with its auto accompaniment feature. Select from hundreds of music styles like pop, rock, jazz or Latin and the keyboard plays rhythm and harmony parts to match. You control the tempo, tone and other elements. Play along with the built-in songs or use the styles to compose your own music. With the PSRE383, you get the experience of performing with a full ensemble whenever you like.

Yamaha PSRE383 61-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter
Yamaha PSRE383 61-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter
Yamaha PSRE383 61-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter

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  • 61 touch-sensitive keys for expressive dynamics
  • Hundreds of instrument voices and backing styles
  • Step-by-step Keys to Success learning system
  • Connectivity: MIDI, audio, AUX line-in, headphone out

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