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Yamaha's PSR-EW310 is a feature-packed portable keyboard with 76 touch-sensitive keys, offering beginners and experienced players alike an ideal solution for practice or performance. The PSR-EW310 delivers Yamaha's renowned high-quality sound and an easy-to-use interface. With over 600 high-quality instrument voices you'll have a world of musical possibilities at your fingertips. Connect an audio player via the AUX input and play along to your favorite songs, or use the built-in metronome and recorder to sharpen your skills. The PSR-EW310's slim, lightweight design means you can take your music anywhere.

Realistic Voices and Styles for Every Genre

With over 600 voices including pianos, brass, strings, guitars and drums, the PSR-EW310 provides a stunning array of authentic sounds for any musical style. You can even change the tempo, tone and other elements of the accompaniment styles to suit your needs.

Learn and Improve With Onboard Tools

The PSR-EW310 provides useful tools for developing your skills. Connect your audio player via the AUX input and play along to songs. The built-in metronome keeps you on tempo during practice. Record your performances using the onboard recorder and hear how you improve over time. The PSR-EW310 even offers Yamaha Education Suite activities to help build your technique.

Take Your Music Anywhere

Weighing under 12 pounds, the PSR-EW310 is highly portable. Its compact yet sturdy design ensures it's ready to go wherever inspiration strikes. Battery power lets you play for up to six hours at a time, allowing total freedom and flexibility.

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