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Yamaha's PKBB1 Keyboard Bench provides a luxuriously padded seat for keyboard players. With its extra-thick padding, single extra-wide seat, and height adjustability between 17.5" and 19.5", the PKBB1 ensures supreme comfort during practice or performance. The bench's smooth black finish and sturdy yet lightweight metal frame complements any keyboard setup. For traveling musicians, the PKBB1 folds up conveniently when not in use.

Ultra-Thick Padding for Comfort

The PKBB1 features ultra-thick padding to cushion keyboard players during extended practice or performance sessions. The high-density foam provides support and prevents discomfort from hard surfaces.

Extra-Wide Single Seat for Versatility

The PKBB1's single seat spans wide to accommodate players of all sizes comfortably. The extra width also provides space for more than one person when needed or for placing other items like sheet music, tablets, or gear bags.

Adjustable Height for Proper Playing Position

With a height range of 17.5" to 19.5", the PKBB1 adjusts for players of varying heights to achieve an ergonomic sitting position. The bench height can raise or lower in 1" increments to suit individual preferences and ensure hands are level with the keyboard.

Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench

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