The CLP-775 represents a new era in digital piano keyboard actions. Including the GrandTouch keyboard action, which features the longest key-to-fulcrum length in any digital piano available, the CLP-775 gives a balanced, more playable feel from the tip of each key to the very back. Combine this incredible feel with the tone of two of the finest concert grand pianos ever made—the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial—and you have a stunning instrument that will impress the most discerning and demanding pianists. New fortepiano Voices allow you to hear the music of Bach and Mozart exactly as the composers would have heard it in their day. With the Linear Graded Hammers, no two keys have the same weight, just as each and every hammer inside of a grand piano has a visibly different size. From tone to touch to pedals, the CLP-775 offers an immersive concert grand experience.