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Yamaha CP73 & CP88 Stage Pianos | In-Depth Overviewplay button

Yamaha CP73 & CP88 Stage Pianos | In-Depth Overview

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P-125 Digital Piano Overview

Yamaha CP88 and CP73 | Overviewplay button

Yamaha CP88 and CP73 | Overview

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Yamaha CP88 Sound Demo


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Yamaha’s CP88 stage piano has been expertly crafted with over 100 years of piano-making experience and 45 years of synthesizer innovation. With its 88 graded hammer weighted keys, the CP88 has one of the fastest, most responsive actions designed for piano players. The CP88 features an intuitive control panel that’s quick and easy to navigate while performing. These pianos are light enough to travel, but also made tough enough to withstand adverse conditions on the road. Not only does the CP88 excel for stage performances, but it can also be the ideal centerpiece for any studio environment.

The CP88 sound

At the core of the CP88 is Yamaha’s renowned AWM2 sample-based sound engine powering some of the most beautifully sampled pianos Yamaha has ever recorded. There are three premium concert grand pianos built into the CP88, including the Yamaha CFX, Yamaha S700 and the Bösendorfer Imperial 290. In addition to these exquisite concert grands, the Yamaha CP88 also features popular upright pianos and electric pianos, including the U1, one of the most popular uprights in the world, and the 73 Rd with a warm, vintage tone. You also get a wide range of warm pads, lush strings, deep synth basses, synth leads, brass and more. The CP88 incorporates Yamaha’s VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) technology, capable of re-creating the sound and behavior of vintage effects and high-end studio signal processors by modeling the circuits down to the original analog component level. Taking the needs of the modern musician in mind, CP88 is the first CP to feature updatable Yamaha-produced, high-quality sound content, which will include new pianos, keyboards and more.

The CP88 feel

Designed with over 100 years of experience making pianos, the Yamaha CP88 features the fastest stage piano action on the market. This 88-key natural wood, graded hammer, triple sensor (NW-GH) keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory key tops is perfect for professionals who demand the best. This type of natural weight and response is what discerning pianists expect. The keyboard reproduces the feeling of an acoustic piano’s hammers, lighter on the top end and heavier on the lower keys. The synthetic ebony and ivory keytops are porous and provide a better grip of your fingers for more accurate playing and practicing. Finally, a third sensor allows grand piano-like key repetition where notes can be re-articulated without a complete release. This makes it easier to play fast, repeated notes, and is one of the main reasons pianists choose grand pianos over uprights.

The CP88 design

The one-to-one interface on the CP88 gives you immediate access to all of the piano’s controls. There’s no menu diving or searching through pages of features to find hidden parameters. Everything is right in front of you for total control of your sound during performances on stage or during fast-paced studio sessions. The intuitive CP interface allows fast and easy splits, layers and sound-shaping directly from the front panel. All of the thought-out plans of the CP88 design is aimed at keeping the creativity flowing. The CP88 has all of the modern connections you’ll need for today’s stage or studio environments, including USB MIDI and audio connectivity. It’s also among the lightest and most compact instrument in its class, weighing only 41 pounds.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • CP88 stage pianos feature a wide range of sounds for playing any music genre
  • Keyboard action designed and informed by over 100 years of acoustic piano-making
  • Built to withstand the rigors of the road and extremely intuitive to use
  • Among the lightest and most compact instruments in its class, weighing just 41 pounds

collapse expand iconSpecs

Control Interface
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Type: NW-GH (Natural Wood Graded Hammer) keyboard: synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • Tone Generating Technology: AWM2
  • Number of Polyphony (Max.): 128
  • Number of Voices: 57 (Piano: 10 / E. Piano: 14 / Sub: 33)
  • Delay: 2 types (Analog, Digital)
  • Reverb: 1 type (Hall)
  • Master EQ: 3 bands (with sweepable MID)
  • Insertion Effect: Piano: 2 systems (1: Damper Resonance / 2: Compressor, Distortion, Drive, Chorus), E. Piano: 3 systems (1: Drive / 2: Auto Pan, Tremolo, Ring Modulator, Touch Wah, Pedal Wah, Compressor / 3: Chorus1, Chorus2, Flanger, Phaser1, Phaser2, Phaser3), Sub: 1 system (Chorus/Flanger, Rotary Speaker, Tremolo, Distortion)
  • Line Out: OUTPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks, UNBALANCED), OUTPUT [L]/[R] (XLR jacks, BALANCED)
  • Headphones: [PHONES] (6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack)
  • AUX: INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)
  • Connectors: [AC IN]
  • Display: Full Dot LCD (128 x 64 dots)
  • Additional package contents: Owner’s Manual x 1, Power cord x 1, Foot pedal (FC3A) x 1
  • Width: 1,298 mm (51-1/8")
  • Height: 141 mm (5-9/16")
  • Depth: 364 mm (14-5/16")
  • Weight: 18.6 kg (41 lb, 0 oz)

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