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With touch-sensitive pads in an ergonomic layout perfect for finger drumming, the Yamaha Finger Drum Pad FGDP Series features a built-in sound bank, speaker, and rechargeable battery that make it a true all-in-one instrument ready to be played anytime, anywhere.

Utilizing years of Yamaha synthesizer and drums innovation and technology, the Yamaha FGDP Finger Drum Pads are the standalone products for the emerging finger drum market. These ergonomic, expressive products can be played by anyone, anywhere, at any time—regardless of musical or technological experience. With 18 ergonomic pads and loaded with 39 preset kits, along with Tone Generator, internal speaker, and rechargeable battery, the FGDP-30 is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to play any genre of music and with more expression.

Featuring a range of samples from acoustic drums beloved by professional drummers, and a multitude of electronic sounds, the FGDP-30 delivers natural, vibrant, richly expressive sound that leading drummers have carefully tuned for finger drumming.

Optimized Layout
Introducing a distinctive pad layout meticulously designed for optimal finger drumming. Unlike conventional samplers and MIDI pads, the ergonomic layout of the FGDP empowers you to deliver your finest performances with ease. Effortlessly play from the "home position" or reassign voices to each of the pads according to your play style and creative vision.

Full Creative Control
Featuring cutting-edge pads designed to capture every subtle nuance, the FGDP ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. With the powerful internal Tone Generator, you can deliver delicate performances encompassing ghost notes, impactful accents, flams, and lightning-fast rolls. Moreover, the pads support Aftertouch, enabling unique drumming techniques such as cymbal choking. With the FGDP, your drumming possibilities are nearly limitless.

Sounds for Every Genre
The FGDP is a powerhouse that combines a diverse selection of Yamaha drum samples recorded by professional artists. Plus, explore an expertly curated collection of electronic sounds perfectly suited for club music enthusiasts. Craft your own personalized Kit from a staggering array of 1,212 sounds and tweak each drum's character through Tuning, Decay, and the application of Effects, granting you unparalleled versatility within this all-inclusive musical arsenal.

Higher Level of Expressive Playing
With an internal tone generator and pads that feature after-touch and velocity switch that capture every nuance, players can express everything from ghost notes to accents, flams, and high-speed rolls.

USB MISI/Audio Interface
Along with onboard sounds, drummers can connect via USB cable to trigger outside sound sources and samples as well as record audio or MIDI data to a DAW. With Rec’n’Share drummers can record performances with backing tracks quickly to their mobile device. The FGDP-30 also delivers natural, vibrant, richly expressive sounds ranging from acoustic drums recorded by professional drummers to a multitude of electronic sounds curated by top-flight artists allowing drummers to play any style and any genre of music.

A USB cable is included.
Yamaha All-in-One Ergonomic Finger Drum Pad
Yamaha All-in-One Ergonomic Finger Drum Pad
Yamaha All-in-One Ergonomic Finger Drum Pad

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  • All-in-one design
  • 18 playable pads
  • Sound source
  • Speaker
  • Rechargeable battery