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Yamaha Acoustic Drums

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Time and again, Yamaha has proven itself to be a trusted musical instrument manufacturer, and their impressive lineup of acoustic drums is no exception. Whether you have aspirations of playing for an audience or simply enjoy weekend jams with friends, Yamaha specializes in a wide range of acoustic drums for every taste. From steel and birch snares to mounted floor toms, bass drums and even complete 5-piece shell packs, Yamaha acoustic drums are a high-quality yet affordable option for any discerning percussionist. As you can imagine, Yamaha's catalog of acoustic drums is an extensive one. For this reason, it helps to consider your own needs and preferences first, so you can narrow down your choices and make an easier decision. If you're not familiar with Yamaha's acoustic drum lineup, starting with the more popular items is always a safe bet, and the Stage Custom Steel Snare delivers a very rich tone at a generous price. Featuring durable triple-flanged hoops for an open sound and 20 strands of short hi-carbon steels for top-notch sensitivity, the Stage Custom Steel Snare delivers a full-bodied punch with every hit you make. Or, maybe you're new to the drums and want a complete kit without the hefty price tag - if so, then check out the Gigmaker 5-Piece Standard Drum Set with 22" Bass Drum. Ideal for beginner and intermediate drummers alike, this set includes: a 22' 'x 16" kick drum, 13" x 9-1/2" and 12 x 9" mounted toms, a 16" x 16" floor and a 14" x 5-12" wood snare. Boasting a springless design that's structured to effectively eliminate unwanted noise, the Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Set is one of Yamaha's most popular kits - and it's easy to tell why when you start playing it. And these two items were only mentioned to serve as a taste of what you can expect from this section. Whatever you choose, just remember that Yamaha has been a respected name in music since 1887, and their acoustic drums certainly live up to the company's sterling reputation.