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The Yamaha AG03MK2 mixer and USB interface provides an all-in-one solution for live streaming, podcasting and music production with professional-level sound. Featuring premium Yamaha preamps and 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution, the AG03MK2 captures your audio with crystal clarity and detail. A large fader, mute button and multiple inputs—including XLR, 1/4", Hi-Z and TRRS—give you control over your sound and connectivity for mics, instruments and mobile devices. Add reverb, EQ and compression with the push of a button thanks to built-in DSP effects.

Loopback Mode: Stream and Record Simultaneously

The AG03MK2's loopback function lets you combine audio from connected mics and instruments with audio playing from your computer. Easily live stream your gaming session with commentary, add intros and outros to your podcast or drop in sound effects and music. Loopback mode captures it all with zero latency, so you can monitor the full mix in real time.

Cubase AI Included for Music Production

Produce your tracks with the included download of Steinberg Cubase AI music production software. Record vocals, instruments and loops with the AG03MK2's mic preamps and effects, then edit and arrange your songs in Cubase. When you're ready to share your creation, the AG03MK2 provides a direct monitor mix for performing live or streaming your production on the internet.

iOS Compatible for Mobile Recording and Playback

The AG03MK2 is a portable studio solution compatible with your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Use free Yamaha and Steinberg apps like Rec'n'Share and Cubasis LE to record and edit on the go, then connect to the AG03MK2 for professional-level monitoring, effects and high-resolution playback.

Take Control of Your Sound

Shape your tone with the AG03MK2's built-in compression, EQ and reverb effects, controlled via an intuitive one-knob interface or the AG DSP Controller software. Add dimension to vocals and instruments or correct issues in your recording environment. When tracking, record your audio raw and make adjustments during mixdown in your DAW for maximum flexibility.

Yamaha AG03MK2 3-Channel Mixer/USB Interface for IOS/Mac/PC White
Yamaha AG03MK2 3-Channel Mixer/USB Interface for IOS/Mac/PC White
Yamaha AG03MK2 3-Channel Mixer/USB Interface for IOS/Mac/PC White

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  • 3-channel live streaming mixer with USB audio interface and versatile connectivity
  • Low-latency DSP
  • Mute button
  • 60mm fader

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  • +48V phantom power on CH 1
  • Hi-Z input on CH 2
  • High-resolution (24-bit/192kHz) two-track audio recording/playback
  • One-touch COMP/EQ and Reverb
  • Mute button
  • AG Controller (Windows/Mac/iOS) for added DSP parameter control
  • LOOPBACK function plays audio signal from connected device and adds it to USB streaming output
  • Windows/Mac support via USB-C connection
  • iOS connectivity via Apple Camera Adapter (with external USB power supply)
  • Android supported by 4-pole TRRS input/output
  • USB-C power input (5V DC, 900 mA)
  • Free software bundle includes Cubase Al, WaveLab Cast, Cubasis LE and Rec'n'Share

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