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The X8 Kalimantan Djembe is stained in dark walnut satin, with a bird design hand-carved into the finish on the base of the shell. Each drum starts as a solid piece of legally harvested, certified mahogany logwood, which is then lathe-turned for uniform thickness and carved with rough lateral grooves on the interior bowl to reduce unwanted overtones.

The natural goatskin drum head is fixed in position with a two-ring system, delivering a crisp response that doesn't waiver thanks to the low-stretch alpine nylon tuning rope.

For players on the go, this extra-portable djembe comes with a free fitted tote bag.

Note on sizing: The sizes listed are the average measurements for that model drum. Since every drum is hand-carved, the measurements can vary by up to 1".
X8 Drums Kalimantan Djembe With Bag 9 x 16 in.
X8 Drums Kalimantan Djembe With Bag 9 x 16 in.

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  • Small djembe made from certified mahogany
  • Dark satin walnut wood stain
  • Hand-carved bird pattern on base
  • High-quality black nylon tuning rope
  • Natural goatskin head
  • Comes with free fitted bag with strap

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