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The Way Huge Supa-Lead Overdrive is a dynamic and touch-sensitive overdrive pedal that cleans up immediately as you lower the guitar volume control. Designed to get amp-like crunch tones from a clean or slightly dirty amp, it produces a focused midrange grind with an abundance of output volume to kick your amp over the edge. Use the large sweep of the Tone control to dial in the perfect warmth, and with the Gain knob turned up, you’ll get a sonically monstrous sound that’s reminiscent of an exploding tube amp stack with power saturation and hints of cone cry. Ride your guitar’s Volume knob or change up your picking dynamics for a cornucopia of tones from delicate to volcanic.
Way Huge Electronics WM31 Mini Supa-Lead Overdrive Effects Pedal

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  • Dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive that’s super responsive to your guitar’s volume control
  • Designed to get crunchy tones from a clean or slightly dirty amp
  • Produces a focused midrange grind with tons of volume

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