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The Warm Audio WA-44 studio ribbon microphone faithfully recreates the iconic tone of the legendary RCA 44 mic of the 1930s. Designed for musicians seeking a vintage sound, the WA-44 delivers powerful lows, lush mids and a smooth high end that tames harshness. Its tight figure-8 polar pattern excels on loud sources and removes side-address noise, making it ideal for vocals, horns, drums and more.

Timeless Ribbon Tone

With a custom ribbon and transformer, the WA-44 provides the warm, vintage sound that defined the golden age of recording. The 2.5-micron ribbon and neodymium magnet capture a robust low end and rich midrange with an enhanced proximity effect. The WA-44's forgiving high end rolls off excess treble for a smooth tone on any source.

Premium Vintage-Inspired Build

From its hefty 6.2 lb. body to the embroidered case, the WA-44 exudes boutique quality. A CineMag transformer and star-quad-shielded cable deliver noiseless signal transfer. With meticulously-selected components and testing, the WA-44 meets the high standards that have made Warm Audio gear sought-after. Its rugged build and time-honored design ensure that this mic will still be making records 50 years from now.

Versatile for All Your Needs

While excelling on vocals, the WA-44 also captures resonant acoustic instruments, punchy horns and dynamic drums. Its controlled high end suits close-miking techniques without harshness. The WA-44's focused pattern minimizes bleed from other sources in the room. Whether you need a mic for intimate vocals or a drum overhead, the WA-44 delivers.

Trusted by Professionals Worldwide

Warm Audio has earned a reputation for crafting high-quality gear inspired by vintage classics. The WA-44 continues this tradition, recreating the renowned RCA 44 at a price point accessible to project and home studios. Professionals rely on Warm Audio mics for their timeless sound and rugged reliability. The WA-44 brings this trusted tone and build within your reach.

Warm Audio WA-44 Studio Ribbon Microphone
Warm Audio WA-44 Studio Ribbon Microphone
Warm Audio WA-44 Studio Ribbon Microphone

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  • Faithful recreation of iconic RCA 44 ribbon mic
  • Custom ribbon and CineMag USA transformer for powerful lows and lush mids
  • Tight figure-8 polar pattern removes side-address noise
  • Hand-tested in Austin, TX for premium build and tone

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