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The Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz pedal, developed with tube expert Jim Hagerman, is an innovative two-in-one fuzz that harnesses the power of a 12AU7 tube to generate massively rich fuzz tones. With the flick of its Harmonic switch, it adds uniquely harmonic overtones to your signal before the tube drive for a radical shift in lead tone. Built for guitarists who crave new fuzz horizons, the Silt's analog circuitry and internal preamp tube lend a distinctive warmth and complexity to your sound.

Savor the 12AU7 Tube's Warmth and Grit

At the heart of the Silt is its 12AU7 tube drive section, which encases your guitar in bone-rattling fuzz with an amber warmth and harmonic complexity that only a tube-powered fuzz can produce. From subtle, distortion-like crunch to full-throttle saturation, the Silt's tube generates the grit, growl and vintage vibe that tube aficionados crave. Crank up the gain and volume to unleash the 12AU7's roaring potential.

Get Otherworldly With Harmonic Mode

For radical lead tones, engage the Silt's Harmonic Mode and add octave-like overtones before the tube drive. This frequency doubling effect puts a unique crisp edge on your sound that really makes your leads sing. For maximum impact, try Harmonic Mode with your guitar's tone knob rolled off. The possibilities are interstellar.

Sculpt Your Sound With Contour Control

The Silt's Contour control lets you refine your fuzz tones with surgical precision across the frequency range. Toggle between high-pass, flat and low-pass curves in the pre-tube stage to uncover new layers of fuzz texture. It's especially useful for adapting the Silt to different pickups. Whether you're after biting leads or wooly rhythms, the Contour knob helps you shape the ideal fuzz tone.

Crank It to 12V for Extra Gain

For the ultimate in fuzz fury, run the Silt at 12V to push the gain into overdrive, allowing you to explore more extreme fuzz landscapes. Even at 9V, there's plenty of gain on tap, but 12V takes the saturation to new heights. With an unmatched range of harmonically rich fuzz tones at your feet, your quest for the ultimate fuzz has reached its destination.

Retain Your Natural Tone

The Silt uses a true-bypass circuit so your core tone stays intact when the pedal is disengaged. This ensures your guitar's natural voice shines through, uncolored by the effect. The Silt adds its harmonically complex fuzz only when you want it.

Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Tube Fuzz Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Tube Fuzz Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Tube Fuzz Effects Pedal Black

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  • 12AU7 preamp tube for warm, harmonic distortion
  • Harmonic mode adds octave-like overtones
  • Contour control shapes tone from high pass to low pass
  • 9-12V operation for increased gain and fuzz
  • True bypass for transparent signal path

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