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The Green Day Dookie 30th anniversary baby blue vinyl LP offers a vibrant new look for the band's iconic 1994 album. This remastered version features the same explosive tracklist, including hits like "Basket Case," "When I Come Around," and "Welcome to Paradise". But it comes pressed on a striking baby blue vinyl, making it a must-have for diehard Green Day fans and vinyl collectors.

With a Stunning Baby Blue Vinyl Format

This special 30th anniversary edition of Dookie eschews the standard black vinyl for a vibrant baby blue. The colorful new look pays tribute to the album's legacy as a punk rock classic. When you cue up smash hits like "Longview" and "She," the blue vinyl makes the music burst with energy. Let the album's iconic pop punk anthems come alive on this eye-catching new format.

With the Original Explosive Tracklist

While the vinyl may be blue, the music stays true to the 1994 original. The album still opens with the blistering one-two punch of "Burnout" and "Having a Blast". Follow along to the introspective "Pulling Teeth" and sing along to the driving "Basket Case". The album's 15 genre-defining tracks, including the hit "When I Come Around," appear in their original sequence to take you back. Whether it's your first spin or your hundredth, the baby blue Dookie has all the punch and personality you love.

With a Remastered Sound

This 30th anniversary reissue doesn't just offer new visuals. It also provides a remastered audio experience. Crisp, optimized sound brings out the fine details in Green Day's playing. From Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals to Mike Dirnt's bass, everything shines. The remastering also smooths out the vinyl format, reducing unwanted noise and letting you fully immerse in the music. Crank up "Welcome to Paradise" loud and clear.

With a Limited Edition Rarity

Given the album's milestone anniversary, this colored vinyl Dookie is produced in limited numbers. That makes it a must-own for collectors looking for rare Green Day items. And with more than 15 million copies of Dookie sold, demand for this special edition is sure to be high. So don't delay in picking up the 30th anniversary baby blue vinyl LP.

Green Day - Dookie (30th Anniversary Baby Blue Vinyl) [LP]

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  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Burnout
  • 2. Having a Blast
  • 3. Chump
  • 4. Longview
  • 5. Welcome to Paradise
  • 6. Pulling Teeth
  • 7. Basket Case
  • 8. She
  • 9. Sassafras Roots
  • 10. When I Come Around
  • 11. Coming Clean
  • 12. Emenius Sleepus
  • 13. In The End
  • 14. F.O.D.
  • 15. All By Myself