Vic Firth

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This artist-designed series is available in varying hardness so you can find the perfect fit for the sound you want.

Soft: With a dark fundamental, this mallet projects a beautiful sound in the low register of the marimba. An ideal mallet to roll.

Medium Soft: Ideal when articulation is required in the low register while maintaining a fundamental dark sound.

Medium: A full sounding mallet with articulation for the lower half of the marimba.

Medium Hard: The "General" mallet of the series. Covers the entire range of the marimba with an articulated dark fundamental sound with a touch of high overtones.

Hard: A bold and articulate mallet Well balanced mallet between fundamental and high overtones.

Hard & Bright: A crystal clear sound can be created and yet with a tone that is full and rich.

Very Hard: Designed for the top 3 octaves for the most projected clarity.
Vic Firth Theodor Milkov Artist Series Mallets Very Hard Black Yarn