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This 3-pack of assorted Vater wood-tip drum stick models includes one pair of Hickory Los Angeles 5As, one pair of Hickory Power 5A Acorns and one pair of Sugar Maple 5As. These models are just a few of the wide variety of 5A series sticks Vater has to offer. This pack is designed to help players find their perfect style, or equip themselves with different sticks for different situations. The Los Angeles 5A has long been a standard for many of the world’s top drummers. While the Sugar Maple 5A offers the same grip size, length, taper and tip shape as the Los Angeles 5A, it is lighter in weight and feel. The Hickory Power 5A Acorn is a half-inch longer and offers a slightly larger grip to give the player more reach and power. Its acorn-style tip is a versatile performer for any musical situation.
Vater 5A Variety Drum Sticks 3-Pair Pack

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  • Three-pair variety pack of 5A drum sticks
  • Hickory Los Angeles model is a standard among studio pros
  • Sugar Maple model is similar to Los Angeles, but lighter
  • Hickory Power Acorn is longer, with an acorn-shaped tip

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