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The VTG 2-conductor bulk speaker cable provides reliable connectivity for your PA system or studio monitors. Its 14-gauge conductors and durable PVC insulation transmit signals without distortion or signal loss. You can cut this cable to your desired length, enabling customized connections between your amplifiers, mixing boards and speakers. Soldering the tinned copper conductors is quick and easy, allowing fast setup and reconfiguration of your gear. Suitable for both permanent installations and temporary hookups at gigs, this versatile cable brings flexibility to your audio setup. When you need a robust yet affordable solution for sending signals over short to mid-length runs, the VTG 2-conductor bulk speaker cable delivers professional-grade performance at a budget-friendly price.

VTG 2 Conductor Bulk Speaker Cable per Foot Black 14 Gauge 150 ft. Black

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  • Durable 14-gauge copper conductors
  • PVC insulation protects signal integrity
  • Perfect for connecting speakers and amplifiers
  • Flexible, easy to install

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