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Brought to you by Universal Music Group, Taylor Swift's Midnights [Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl LP] is a genre-bending work of brilliance. The latest studio album from the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Midnights offers a hypnotic journey into the depths of night.

Lyrical Mastery and Melodic Prowess

Swift's songwriting has always been the beating heart of her music, and Midnights showcases her pen at its most potent. Piercingly poetic and passionately personal, her lyrics lay bare the intimate moments and private thoughts that surface in the silence after dark. Musically, Midnights is a sonic stunner, with metallic beats, synth atmospheres and rock-tinged guitars underpinning Swift's crystalline vocals.

A Collector's Dream in Moonstone Blue

The Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl LP of Midnights is a must-have for any music lover. Pressed on two heavyweight LPs in a striking blue marbled color, it offers an analog listening experience that lets the depth and detail of Swift's production shine through. The gatefold jacket features exclusive photos and handwritten lyrics from Swift, providing an intimate glimpse into her creative process. As a limited release, the Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl LP is a coveted collectible that belongs in the library of any Swift devotee or vinyl enthusiast.

13 Sleepless Nights, Endless Inspiration

Midnights is a hypnotic journey into the late hours when self-reflection reigns and secrets surface. With 13 tracks, Swift chronicles a series of sleepless nights, recounting moments of longing and lessons learned. The result is her most emotionally raw and sonically daring work yet. Universally acclaimed for its lyrical vulnerability and musical ambition, Midnights confirms Swift's status as the preeminent pop artist of her generation. Let this visionary album keep you up at night—and inspire your own midnight musings.

Taylor Swift - Midnights [Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl LP]

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