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The dBX 160 Compressor/Limiter Plug-In from Universal Audio is a fully-licensed faithful emulation of the legendary studio hardware. This plug-in captures all the quirky sonics of its colorful VCA compression, along with added controls for modern workflows.

Add Versatile VCA Compression to your Tracks

Whether you’re using it on synths, bass guitar, or a drum bus, the dBX 160 plug-in emulates the original hardware’s grabby, low-end glue and old-school character. This plug-in is full of the same unique nonlinearities that make it a must-have for any engineer’s compressor toolkit.

Simple to Use, Timeless Character

With the same simple control set and at-a-glance metering of the original, the dBX 160 plug-in makes it easy to crush a parallel drum bus, or inject subtle fatness. It can also add aggressiveness and impact to everything, whether it's guitar power chords or a hip-hop vocal.

Leveled Up for Modern Workflows

Along with graphic enhancements and improved VU metering, the dBX 160 plug-in’s Dry/Wet Mix control lets you easily punch up a drum bus with parallel compression, while the added Sidechain Filter lets you keep the low end tight, enhancing the compressor's impact.
Universal Audio dBX 160 Compressor/Limiter Plug-In

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  • Add a unique voice and flavor to your compressor toolkit
  • Harness fat compression textures on bass guitar, drum buses, synths, and more
  • Give acoustic guitars and snare drums in-your-face “thwack”
  • Dry/Wet mix control for quick parallel compression
  • Sidechain Filter for reduced low-frequency pumping
  • Use with any audio interface, no UA hardware required

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