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The Sound City Studios plugin lets you produce music using the equipment, room and techniques that created hundreds of hit records. Developed with Universal Audio, Sound City Studios provides the character and tone of Studio A, the birthplace of iconic albums. Add the distinct sound of this historic space to your own tracks using proven microphone and room setups, as well as emulations of the studio's vintage gear.

Iconic Analog Console with Emulated EQ and Compressor

The centerpiece of Studio A is its iconic British console, which colored the tone of every recording made there. Sound City Studios gives you emulations of the console's 3-band EQ and compressor so you can saturate your sounds with the same analog warmth and character.

Vintage Microphones to Reposition in Real-Time

Sound City Studios provides stunning models of condenser and ribbon microphones from AKG, Neumann and RCA that you can move around for authentic room sounds. Go beyond the setups used on hit records and find your own sweet spots by placing mics in new positions. Your dynamic room modeling will capture the resulting ambience.

Secret Weapon Compression and Noise Reduction

Sound City Studios provides emulations of the studio's Rev E 1176 compressor and Dolby A301 noise reduction system. Use the 1176 to get explosive drum sounds and glossy background vocals like those heard on decades of hit records. The A301 lets you get creative with multi-band EQ and limiting.

Dynamic Room Modeling Captures a Legendary Space

Sound City Studios uses dynamic room modeling based on original multitrack recordings to capture the character of Studio A. With guidance from engineers who worked in the space, the plugin recreates the room's distinct "warts and all" sound so you can put your own productions in the place where so much musical history was made.

Universal Audio Sound City Studios
Universal Audio Sound City Studios
Universal Audio Sound City Studios

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  • Place your drums, guitars, vocals, and more inside Sound City's famous Room A
  • Transform your sources with the magic mic locker of Sound City
  • Sculpt perfect guitar tones with expertly placed cabinet and mic setups
  • Get the authentic tone of Sound City's iconic British console, including 3-band EQ and inline compression
  • Sculpt your sounds with outboard gear including "secret weapon" Dolby A-style effects, 1176 limiting, and more
  • Bathe your sources in Sound City's lush-sounding echo chamber

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