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Introducing OX | Amp Top Box from Universal Audioplay button

Introducing OX | Amp Top Box from Universal Audio

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About Universal Audio by Bill Putnam Jr.

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Universal Audio's History

Universal Audio

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The Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box is a premium reactive load box that gives guitarists the ability to achieve perfectly studio-miked amp tones from their favorite tube amplifier anywhere, at any volume level. Featuring Universal Audio's groundbreaking Dynamic Speaker Modeling technology, the OX emulates speaker drive, breakup and cone cry like no other product on the market.

Achieve Cranked-Amp Tone Minus the Volume

The OX allows you to play your tube amp in its tonal sweet spot—from pristine cleans and edge-of-breakup grit to fully saturated distortion—at any volume level, from whisper-quiet to stage volume. Universal Audio designed the OX to provide the same tone, dynamics and responsive feel of a real speaker cabinet so you can experience your amp's natural tone like never before. Just plug your amp's speaker output into the OX and your cabinet into the OX's output to enjoy the true tone of your amp at any volume.

Dial in Legendary Studio Tones

The OX offers more than just reactive load attenuation. Its front-panel six-position "Rig" control provides complete mic and cab setups—including 22 vintage and modern cabinets loaded with iconic speakers from Celestion, Jensen, JBL and more, close mics, room mics and up to four simultaneous studio effects. The OX is the only product that offers a selection of expertly placed room mics, providing an authentic studio tracking room experience while recording your cranked amp.

Dynamic Speaker Modeling for Organic Tone

The OX utilizes Universal Audio's Dynamic Speaker Modeling technology to faithfully emulate speaker breakup, drive and cone cry, which is essential for reproducing the complex harmonics and sonic nuance of a real tube amp and speaker cabinet. Using the Speaker Breakup knob in the OX app, you can control the harmonics and sonic complexity that only occurs at certain frequencies and volume levels on various speakers—far beyond a static Impulse Response system. This gives you the same phenomenon that happens with an actual speaker cabinet.

Intuitive Software Control and Connectivity

The OX software app offers simple, intuitive control over all of the OX's parameters via Wi-Fi, letting you tweak, store and recall hundreds of presets from your iPad, Mac or Windows 10 computer. You can then save your six favorite sounds to the OX's front-panel Rig knob for instant recall. The OX also features a headphone jack for silent practice with your cranked tube amp, balanced TRS line outputs, S/PDIF digital outputs and footswitch connectivity.

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Reactive Load Box
Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Reactive Load Box
Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Reactive Load Box

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  • Get the ultimate tone out of your tube amp—anywhere, and at any volume
  • Pair your amp to the world's best reactive load, with boutique UA analog quality—built for years of home and studio use
  • Instantly audition dozens of album-quality mic and guitar cabinet setups with front panel "Rig" control
  • Get authentic "edge of destruction" tones complete with speaker breakup and cone cry, thanks to UA Dynamic Speaker Modeling

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  • Premium, no-compromise analog reactive load box for tube guitar amps
  • Five finely tuned guitar amp attenuation levels—from off, to whisper quiet, to full band volume
  • Front-panel “Rig” control for instant, album-quality mic and speaker cabinet emulations
  • UA Dynamic Speaker Modeling emulates speaker breakup and cone cry
  • World-class Universal Audio EQ, compression, delay and reverb effects built-in
  • Selectable 4-, 8- and 16-ohm operation
  • Front-panel Headphone out for silent practice with cranked tones
  • Balanced TRS line outs, and S/PDIF digital outputs for stereo recording
  • Pair with OX mobile or desktop app over Wi-Fi for editing and saving presets

collapse expand iconWarranty

One year parts and labor warranty on all U.A. products and Kind of Loud products.

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