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The Universal Audio OX amp top box is a premium reactive load box, allowing guitarists to play and record their tube amp in its ideal sweet spots—from the edge-of-breakup to fully cranked—with instant album-quality mic, room and speaker cabinet emulations at the turn of a knob. As one of the world’s finest boutique speaker attenuators, the OX Top Box can easily lower volume of massive amps to levels appropriate for small venues or even an apartment, making it suitable for use anywhere. Even at lower settings, it still packs in all the great tone and world-class Universal Audio EQ for a pristine listening experience. Plus, this UA top box is built for years of home and studio use with compression, delay and reverb effects built in. A versatile guitar amp recording solution, the Universal Audio OX amp top box is now available at Guitar Center.

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Main Features

  • Reactive load box for tube amps
  • Five finely tuned guitar amp attenuation levels
  • Album-quality mic and speakers
  • Front-panel Headphone out for silent practice

Record the Pure Tone of Any Amp

The Universal Audio OX amp top box allows players to easily hook up their favorite amps into their recording interface. Whether recording in digital or analog, the UA Ox sounds amazing and provides authentic tonal recreation of guitar tone for recording applications.

Play At Any Volume Level

With five options for guitar amp attenuation, the Universal OX top box adds versatility to any amplifier. Go from off to whisper quiet for at-home practice to full band volume when it’s time to blow the audience away.

Dozens of Mic and Speaker Simulations

There’s no need to hook up additional speakers with the Universal Audio Ox. UA’s dynamic speaker modeling and onboard UAD effects provide plenty of sonic fine-tuning options right on front of the top box. The simple front-facing control panel includes Speaker Volume, Line Out and adjustment for room tone.

Practice and Record in Silence

The front panel of the UA OX top box also includes a headphone jack and dedicated headphone volume control for silent practice or recording. While the Universal Audio top box is excellent for studio recording, this option is ideal for guitarists that want to be able to go full blast in any scenario.

The Universal Audio OX amp top box puts the guitarist in full control of their amplifier. Take any amp from complete silence to full volume with the turn of a knob and easily set up to record professional level guitar tone in virtually any location.
  • Get the ultimate tone out of your tube amp — anywhere, and at any volume
  • Pair your amp to the world's best reactive load, with boutique UA analog quality — built for years of home and studio use
  • Instantly audition dozens of album-quality mic and guitar cabinet setups with front panel "Rig" control
  • Get authentic "edge of destruction" tones complete with speaker breakup and cone cry, thanks to UA Dynamic Speaker Modeling
  • Premium, no-compromise analog reactive load box for tube guitar amps
  • Five finely-tuned guitar amp attenuation levels — from off, to whisper quiet, to full band volume
  • Front-panel “Rig” control for instant, album-quality mic and speaker cabinet emulations
  • UA Dynamic Speaker Modeling emulates speaker breakup and cone cry
  • World-class Universal Audio EQ, compression, delay, and reverb effects built-in
  • Selectable 4, 8, and 16-Ohm operation
  • Front-panel Headphone out for silent practice with cranked tones
  • Balanced TRS line outs, and S/PDIF digital outputs for stereo recording
  • Pair with OX mobile or desktop app over Wi-Fi for editing and saving presets
One year parts and labor warranty on all U.A. products and Kind of Loud products.

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