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The Manley Massive Passive from Universal Audio is a two-channel, four-band tube EQ that utilizes design strengths from choice console, parametric, graphic and Pultec EQs. This delivers sweet curves with unparalleled clarity and headroom for users to expertly emulate these tone-shaping elements, providing the same natural and organic sound as the hardware.

The Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in gives players a standard version with continuous bandwidth adjustment and a Mastering version with 16 steps of easily recallable selections. Perfect for subtle or broad strokes to individual instruments or whole mixes, now users can add presence and sizzle without harshness to drums and vocals, or add weight and heft to an entire mix with clear, punchy bottom end.
Universal Audio Manley Massive Passive EQ

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  • Expertly shape tracks and masters with Manley’s ultra-boutique tube EQ
  • Dial in punch, air, sizzle, and clarity without adding harshness
  • Add weight and heft to an entire mix without adding mud
  • Harness complex band interaction and tube amp distortion for organic, musical textures
  • Use any audio interface, with both UAD Native and Apollo Realtime/UAD-2 versions included

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