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The iconic LA-2A Leveling Amplifier has been the secret weapon of producers and engineers for over 50 years. The reissue has been painstakingly handcrafted by Universal Audio to match the original unit in design and performance. The LA-2A's groundbreaking electro-optical attenuator circuit allows for instant gain reduction without adding distortion, imparting a signature warmth and smoothness to any signal. With intuitive Gain and Peak Reduction knobs, dialing in the perfect amount of compression is effortless.

Groundbreaking Optical Design Provides Pristine Gain Reduction

The LA-2A owes its legendary sound to its innovative photocell-based optical compression circuit. As audio passes through the LA-2A, a light-sensitive photocell detects the signal level and reduces gain accordingly. This results in transparent, lag-free compression that amplifies the subtle details in vocals, guitars, bass and drums. The LA-2A can provide up to 40dB of gain limiting without imparting distortion, allowing you to compress signals heavily while maintaining a natural tone.

Intuitive Interface For Quick, Easy Control

With just two knobs, the LA-2A strikes a perfect balance of simplicity and versatility. The Gain knob allows you to adjust input level and the amount of compression, while the Peak Reduction knob controls how much the LA-2A will compress transients. Switch between Compress and Limit modes to go from moderate, natural-sounding compression to heavy limiting. This straightforward interface means you can quickly dial in your ideal sound without technical complexity.

Faithfully Recreates A Coveted Vintage Classic

The LA-2A reissue is meticulously handcrafted in California from premium components to match the original unit from the 1960s. With its all-tube, point-to-point circuitry and vintage-style transformers, the LA-2A delivers the same warmth, smoothness and character as its legendary predecessors. For over 50 years, the LA-2A has been a staple in professional studios worldwide. Now, you can tap into that vintage vibe and elevate your own recordings with this faithfully recreated classic.

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  • Dial-in legendary optical tube compression textures for vocals, bass, drums and more
  • Record your tracks through vintage UA "handmade in the USA" circuits
  • Easily add iconic warmth and tube limiting with simple, easy-to-use controls
  • Track and mix with a piece of audio recording history

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One year parts and labor warranty on all U.A. products and Kind of Loud products.

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