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The Capitol Chambers plug-in faithfully recreates the iconic echo chambers that shaped the sound of countless hit records. After years of research with Capitol Studios, Universal Audio has developed their proprietary Dynamic Room Modeling technology to capture the lush ambience of these underground spaces. Music producers and engineers can now easily tap into the same gorgeous, hi-fi reverb that fueled musical innovation for decades.

Dynamic Room Modeling Provides Nearly Infinite Possibilities

While standard convolution reverbs only provide a static sonic snapshot, Dynamic Room Modeling gives Capitol Chambers an infinitely variable ambient signature. You have full control over spatial and temporal responses, allowing endless experimentation to find the perfect blend of direct and reflected sound. From subtle thickening of vocals and drums to soaking strings in the richest, most complex reverb, Capitol Chambers puts a legendary echo chamber at your fingertips.

Unprecedented Control Over Microphone Positioning

Capitol Chambers' Position slider gives you an unprecedented level of control over the microphone setup within the chamber. Emulate vintage 1960's configurations with omnidirectional Altec 21D mics, modern Shure SM80 setups or infinitely variable positions in between. Move the virtual mics closer to speakers for more direct effects or further away for maximum ambient diffusion. This versatility allows you to precisely craft the chamber reverb to suit your needs.

Carefully Crafted Presets from Music Legends

The Capitol Chambers plug-in comes loaded with custom presets from a who's who of Grammy-winning engineers and producers. Their carefully tuned settings provide an instant portal into the signature sounds of musical icons. Use these presets as-is or as jumping off points for your own sonic explorations. With decades of hit-making experience distilled into each preset, you'll be crafting lush, vibrant reverbs in no time.

Modern Controls for Creativity

While Capitol Chambers authentically recreates a vintage studio space, it also offers fully modern controls. Adjust pre-delay, dry/wet mix and decay time to suit any music production needs. A sweepable 80 to 750 Hz filter lets you cut muddy low frequencies before they enter the chamber. Separate bass, midrange and treble EQs give you balanced tonal control over the reverb. These intuitive controls make it easy to craft a chamber reverb that fits perfectly into your mix.

Universal Audio Capitol Chambers
Universal Audio Capitol Chambers

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  • Record and mix with the authentic plug-in emulation of Capitol Studios' prized underground echo chambers
  • Add dense, natural reverberation to vocals or drums far beyond plate, digital, or simple convolution reverb
  • Create new sounds by repositioning Capitol Chambers' microphones using UA's Dynamic Room Modeling
  • Audition current and historical chamber configurations, plus all new setups
  • Harness the chamber's entire signal chain including amplifiers, speakers, custom preamps, and mics
  • Quickly pull up presets from legendary Grammy-winning engineers
  • Use with any audio interface, no UA hardware required

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