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Ultimate Support Microphone Stands

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For a newcomer to the music scene, it's easy to make the mistake of thinking that all microphone stands are created equal. But one look through this selection of Ultimate Support microphone stands is enough to see that's not the case after all! There are tons of different sizes and styles to choose from here, from the traditional to the unique, which means there's something for virtually every stage and studio configuration. Apparently, Ultimate Support is a company that takes its name seriously, because that's exactly what they aim to offer: the ultimate in support for your microphone, no matter where you want it positioned.

The best way to browse this lineup depends on what you're looking for. So why not start small and go from there? If you're planning to put a mic close to the ground - to monitor drums, for example - or on a desktop, the Ultimate Support PRO-T-SHORT-F Tripod Mic Stand could be the way to go. It's available with your choice of fixed or telescoping boom, so you can decide how much extension is best for your microphone placement needs.

On the other hand, if you want a standing-height option for the stage, you'll probably prefer something like the Ultimate Support LIVE-ST Weighted Base Microphone Stand with 1-Hand Height Adjustment, or one of the stackable-base models for venues that need to keep multiple stands in storage. Equipping a studio? Then consider the Ultimate Support MC-125 Professional Studio Boom Stand. Or, for a stand that makes a big contribution to your stage presence, how about the Ultimate Support "Love/Hate" Custom Mic Stand?

You know better than anyone else what you need in a stand, of course, so it's up to you to find the best option. The good news is there's enough variety in Ultimate Support microphone stands that you can count on something in this section to fit the bill - all you need to do is start browsing and keep your eyes peeled for it. From tripods to weighted bases, straight stands to boom stands, it's all waiting for you here.