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Tailpieces & Adjusters

From an instrument's strings to the wood it's made from, the sound and playability of a violin, viola or cello is influenced by many factors. Of course, those in the know will tell you that a simple tailpiece upgrade can do wonders for your violin, viola or cello - and with a simple adjustment, you can have your instrument sounding and playing better than ever. In this selection you'll have the pleasure of choosing from a wide variety of tailpieces and adjusters from respected companies like The String Centre, Wittner, Glaesel and more. If you're a beginner or buying for someone, you might be wondering what a tailpiece or adjuster does. A tailpiece connects the strings to the end of the instrument - and when installed correctly, they can improve the feel and tone of your instrument remarkably. As for adjusters, they do just what their name suggests - adjust and accurately tune the instrument's strings with the tuning pegs. The right tailpiece or adjuster for you will come down to what instrument you play and how much you're willing to spend - for example, if you're a violinist with a reasonable budget, check out the Wittner Metal Violin Tailpiece. Featuring built-in fine tuners, this metal tailpiece is easy to install and a great way to make your violin more resonant and responsive. As for violin adjusters, there are more than enough to choose from, including The String Centre Violin String Adjusters. Black in color and boasting gold adjusting knobs, these attractive violin string adjusters come in a set of 4 and have a wider slot to accommodate synthetic core strings. Now, if the cello is your instrument of choice, take a look at the Glaesel 1/4 Cello Metal Tailpiece. Designed specifically for 1/4-size cellos, this tailpiece would impress any serious cellist who wants to take their performance to a pro level. Need an adjuster? The String Centre offers sets of 4 for cellos as well, and they're made with careful attention to detail to ensure they do exactly what you expect of them. And those aren't your only choices - far from it, actually. Viola players also have plenty of tailpieces and adjusters to choose from, so dive in any time now. No orchestral member who plays a stringed instrument should underestimate the importance of their tailpiece, and an adjuster is an essential accessory to always have close by whether you're on stage or in the rehearsal room.