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The Unika Series Snare Drum are crafted from the highest-quality Italian acrylic that’s superlight with an incredible range of tuning suitable from light jazz to even heavy metal. They are built with a 3.5 mm thickness with a shiny look and neutral transparency.

Tamburo’s shell is seamless without a glue point, while the thickness and diameter are made to produce an “afona” shell with an amazing sound. Tamburo’s Philosophy regarding the “Bearing Edge” is absent in regards to the general construction "rule" and is replaced by the Perfect Curve that follows the curve of a drum skin.
TAMBURO Unika Series Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in. Olive

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  • Snare size: 14 x 6.5"
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Case or Bag: Not Applicable
  • Stand: Not Applicable
  • Shell material: Acrylic
  • Shell thickness (mm): 3.5
  • Bearing edge: No
  • Reinforcement ring: No
  • Hardware material: Steel
  • Hoop type: Flange
  • Internal muffler: No
  • Snares: Steel
  • Country of origin: Italy

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