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If you were ever lucky enough to be part of the incredible Carnaval of Rio De Janeiro or even a Mardis Gras festival, then there's a good chance you're already familiar with the distinct low-end power of a surdo. This huge bass drum was first introduced in the 1928 Rio Carnaval and today they can be heard often in Brazilian and Afro-Cuban street music performances around the world. Of course, you don't have to be a samba percussionist to appreciate these one-of-a-kind drums, and this catalog is loaded with choices for anyone who has a passion for keeping the beat. Depending on the sound you're going for, surdo drums can be played with soft-headed mallets or your hands, and both wooden and aluminum shell options are available. Wooden shells are known for producing a warmer tone than their aluminum counterparts, and the Pearl Surdo is a popular choice if a wooden shell is what you prefer. Featuring 2-ply tunable heads with an outer ply of synthetic leather and yellow plastic cover with blue accents that are durable and eye-catching, this surdo delivers full bass notes that will impress any samba percussionist. Additionally, the included strap can be worn over the shoulder, so you can enjoy playing this surdo comfortably for countless hours. Now for those who want a more balanced volume with a wider palette of frequencies, an aluminum shell is your best course of action, and the Meinl Classic Series Aluminum Surdo is a treat for the eyes and the ears. Consisting of 10 lugs and straight rims and shells without any flanges, the Classic Series Aluminum Surdo perfectly captures the energy and spirit of Brazilian dance music and culture. One of the great things about being a percussionist is that there is seemingly no end to how far you can expand on your craft. There's always new rhythms and accents to learn, and there's always a new drum to try, regardless of your personal tastes. If you're interested in playing the surdo, you're definitely in the right section to get started. From Meinl to Pearl, some of the biggest names in drum and percussion can be found here offering their own high-quality surdo bass drums - go ahead and see for yourself.